Euthanasia boon or bane

The main aim of euthanasia is to rid the patients of their agony and pain it would be interesting to witness euthanasia getting legalised in india. “what should be the ingredients of law which would legalize euthanasia” hence the boon possesses some curse, even code of medical ethics (sec. Background:- euthanasia means the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or an irreversible coma.

Rev calid asist 2016 jan-feb31(1):18-26 doi: 101016/jcali201507002 epub 2015 oct 31 [qualitative research about euthanasia concept, between. Henk blanken knows parkinson's disease might one day take him past the point at which he wants to carry on dutch law says it is legal for a.

Parallel to this concern has arisen another controversial issue-euthanasia or “ mercy –killing” of terminally ill patients proponents of physician-assisted suicide . It is still a very controversial subject no one can say for sure whether euthanasia is a good way of ending the agony of the terminally ill or a.

Historical precedence- india is one of the few countries where 'ichha-mrityu' ( chosen death) was not a sin but a boon most of hindu and jain revered figures.

Euthanasia boon or bane


euthanasia boon or bane Introduction      the meaning of the word” euthanasia”  means “ good death” it's popularly known as “mercy killing”.
Euthanasia boon or bane
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